Livestock; 2009

The respective question asked in the 2009 census was “Does this household have any livestock?”, and answer boxes were provided for the number of cows, pigs, goats, horses, and poultry.

In terms of numbers, throughout the country, 30 thousand cows were counted, 121 thousand pigs, 20 thousand goats, 24 thousand horses, and about 350 thousand poultry. Most live stock of any kind was counted in Malaita. There were a relatively large number of cows in Honiara and Central, pigs were plentiful in Guadalcanal, and Makira-Ulawa, and there were a sizeable number of goats in Guadalcanal. Apart from Malaita, there were a relatively large number of horses in Honiara. With the exception of Honiara and Rennell-Bellona, poultry was plentiful in all other provinces.

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