Deepwater Bioregions - SI

he 33 deepwater bioregions for the Solomon Islands were condensed into 26 bioregions. The major changes were made to the northwestern side of the Solomon Islands EEZ; there was general agreement about the deepwater bioregions in the southeastern half of the country. Bioregions 120, 164, 167, 192, 244, and 304 were merged with Bioregion 222. Bioregion 226 was split into two halves, and one part of the non-contiguous Bioregion 240 (the part closer to the islands) was merged with 222. The lower part of the non-contiguous Bioregion 115 was merged with Bioregions 330 and 318 to become Bioregion 439. To the north of the islands, parts of Bioregions 222 and 73 were merged, and also included within Bioregion 439. The parts of Bioregion 73 closest to the islands were merged with Bioregion 98.

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