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08 June 2021 | dataset

State of the Environment Report 2019

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To provide an enabling environment for the socio-economic development of the Solomon Islands through the application of necessary safeguards with regard to:sustainable use of natural resources, the provision of meteorological services, reducing the risk and impact of climate change and other hazards to communities, leading and managing disaster preparedness and their consequences.

The MECDM has 4 Divisions and 1 Office which include: Climate Change Division (CCD), Corporate Services Division, Environment & Conservation Division (ECD), Meteorological Services Division, National Disaster Management Office (NDMO)


The Solomon Islands State of Environment (SoE) Report presents an overview across seven thematic areas:
Culture and Heritage, Atmosphere and Climate, Coastal and Marine, Freshwater Resources, Land, Biodiversity
and Built Environment. The report uses the ‘Drivers, Pressures, State, Impact and Response’ (DPSIR) model
to describe the environment. As far as possible the report is based on quantitative data relating to the state of
the environment, supplemented by stakeholder input to describe causal relationships and environmental effects.
The report presents:

* A description of key drivers and pressures on the environment

* An assessment of the current state of the environment

* A description of current responses and future recommendations for each thematic area

The intention is for the outcomes and recommendations to be put into action through the 2019 National Environmental Management Strategy (NEMS).

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Release Date 08 June 2021
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