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08 June 2021 | dataset

Data on Waste Disposal Modes : Honiara

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To provide an enabling environment for the socio-economic development of the Solomon Islands through the application of necessary safeguards with regard to:sustainable use of natural resources, the provision of meteorological services, reducing the risk and impact of climate change and other hazards to communities, leading and managing disaster preparedness and their consequences.

The MECDM has 4 Divisions and 1 Office which include: Climate Change Division (CCD), Corporate Services Division, Environment & Conservation Division (ECD), Meteorological Services Division, National Disaster Management Office (NDMO)


The Government waste collection was used by 36% of households to dispose of their rubbish. Burning was used by 23% of all households as their main means for waste disposal, followed by disposing it into the backyard (18%). Ten percent and 8% dumped their waste into a river/stream or the sea, and another 8% buried their waste.

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Publisher Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology
Modified 08 June 2021
Release Date 08 June 2021
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