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08 June 2021 | dataset

Cropland Composition, 2016

The Forest and land use composition of the Solomon Islands study in 2016, shows 7.77% of the total land area was ‘cropland’. Cropland itself comprises 2176 square kilometres. In 2016 the dominant crop type was mixed subsistence agriculture followed by coconut, mixed crops (including coconut overstory) and palm oil Cocoa and ‘other’ agriculture make up the remaining area under cultivation.

Presented to the 3rdConsultation Workshop on Historical Annual Forest and Land Use Change Assessment and Forest Reference Level in the Solomon Islands Kitano Mendana Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Island 03rd July, 2018.

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Cropland composition 2016

The Forest and land use composition of the…

Cropland Composition, 2016

This represents sub-sectors within the…

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Publisher Solomon Islands Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 08 June 2021
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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Solomon Islands
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Author Solomon Islands, Ministry of Forestry and Research